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Dietrich School Launches New Scholarship Campaign
Revenue affiliated with the historic $125 million gift to the Pitt from William S. Dietrich II in 2011 is now being used to create a fund to match pledges for scholarships for undergraduate students in the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences.
Dietrich School Writing Program Director's GQ Article is Basis for Hollywood Movie
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A 2009 feature story on brain injuries in the NFL by Jeanne Marie Laskas, director of the Writing Program, is the basis for an upcoming feature film to be shot in Pittsburgh.
Dietrich School Professor and Director of Jazz Studies Featured in New York Times
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Geri Allen spent the last week running an educational residency for female jazz musicians ages 14 to 25, administered by the New Jersey Performing Arts Center and housed at Montclair State University.
Dietrich School Alumna Named 2014 Woodrow Wilson Ohio Teaching Fellow
Laura Ruttig, a 2001 graduate with a dual degree in English literature and chemical engineering, has been named a Woodrow Wilson Ohio Teaching Fellow. The Woodrow Wilson Ohio Teaching Fellowship recruits top-quality candidates to teach math and science in high-need Ohio schools.
Dietrich School Professor's Study Links Relationship Health to Heart Health
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Thomas Kamarck, professor of psychology and Biological and Health Program Chair in the Dietrich School is an author of a new study that correlates unhappy marital interaction with thicker carotid arteries and a higher risk of cardiovascular disease.
Dietrich School Alumna Presents Exhibit at Second Sight Studio
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An exhibit by Julia Betts (A&S '14), artist in residence at Second Sight Studio, opens June 21. Betts received her undergraduate degree from the Department of Studio Arts and her show, Processing Self, will explore physical definitions of self through sculpture, installation, and experimental use of digital self-images.
Dietrich School Undergraduates Invited to Join Formula SAE Team
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The Pitt Formula SAE team is looking for members from all schools at the University, including drivers for the upcoming competition at Michigan International Speedway. Events include acceleration, skidpad, autocross, and endurance. Any student--especially those with prior driving experience--interested in driving this open wheeled race car is invited to apply.
Dietrich School Team Plumbs the Depths of the Creative Engineering Mind
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Psychology Professor Christian Schunn and graduate student Joel Chan recently published a paper online in the journal Cognitive Science that explores how engineers create.
Dietrich School Junior Awarded Goldwater Scholarship
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Dietrich School junior Alexandre Gauthier has been awarded a 2014 Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship for his outstanding undergraduate research in condensed matter physics.
Dietrich School Physicist Leads Team in Detecting Exciton in Metal
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University of Pittsburgh researchers, under the leadership of Department of Physics and Astronomy Professor Hrvoje Petek, have become the first to detect a fundamental particle of light-matter interaction in metals, the exciton. The team published its work online June 1 in Nature Physics.